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Traditional vietnamese dance

Traditional Vietnamese Dance

Traditional Vietnamese Dance includes several different forms. Some dance program is performed in theatre or dances performed at outside festivals, and royal dances of the imperial court also. Dance is considered as an interal part of vietnamese culture since ancient times.

Vietnam is a diverse country with 54 different ethnic groups who have their own rich culture and dance styles. Among the ethnic Vietnamese majority, there are several traditional dances performed widely at festivals. Some of the dance styles are well –know as the imperial lantern dance, fan dance, and platter dance, among others.


Le Xuan Thanh

Traditional Vietnamese Dance

Le Xuan Thanh began studying dance at eleven years old and graduated in 2003. After years of studying Ballet, Le Xuan Thanh study of folk dance, then joined a group of Lotus Dance, one of the famous folk dance group in Viet Nam. In 2006, Le Xuan Thanh became an official lecturer at HCM City Dance School. He had ever took part in the Charming of Viet Nam Gala in Singapore & London in 2007. In addition, Le Xuan Thanh has participated in many dance festivals in many countries like Britain, Switzerland, France …. He is one of the young dancers but to be the well-known face in Vietnamese Folk Dance. Le Xuan Thanh keens on supporting junior generation of folk dance of art.

Thanh Thuy Christine

Ballet & Traditional Vietnamese Dance

After graduated excellently at Viet Nam Dance School in Ha Noi in 1996, Thanh Thuy has been selected to work in The “Sing-Dance-Music” National Theater which was considered as a leading theater of Viet Nam. She had ever performed as Soloist in some well known festivals which took place in Viet Nam and foreign countries like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Denmark.

Thanh Thuy was awarded “The Best Young Dancer” at the national dance competition which was first held in 1997.

Thanh Thuy settled in 1998 in France where she took part in teaching Ballet. In addition, she established Hoa Viet dance group which performed as a professional folk dance group and touring for performance throughout Europe.

Besides artistic talent, Thanh Thuy has ability in event organization through associations and major institutions in France.

Returned to Viet Nam in early 2010, Thanh Thuy established TDT Event Company with French friend, Nathalie, who has over ten years experience of events.

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